Restaurant Employee Classification for Workers’ Compensation

restaurantIn the restaurant business, there are many ways employees can get hurt while doing their job. Common causes include wet floors, carrying food supplies, carrying food trays, burns, cuts from knives and broken glass. If restaurant employees have to travel from one location to another delivering food, the potential causes of injury increase. In the event that the delivery or catering employees carry significant amounts of cash, they could be assaulted during a robbery.

Workers’ compensation provides protection to restaurant personnel in order to mitigate the high costs that they would otherwise incur following a workplace injury. The benefits will pay for the injured worker’s medical expenses as well as lost wages.

For the purposes of workers’ compensation, the state of Florida places restaurant employees in 4 main categories. Note that caterers will be assigned the relevant category depending on the nature of their business and the classification their operation at the time of the injury incident was similar to.

While filing a compensation claim, it is important to know what category you fall under. For more information on these 4 classifications and where your employer lies, contact a West Palm Beach workers’ compensation lawyer.

Code 9058 Employees

These are restaurant workers under the management of motels, hotels, apartment hotels, boarding houses, dude ranches, motor courts, tourists courts or cabins. Here, the restaurant is one of the components of the larger establishment. It caters for both the general public as well as the guests of its parent institution. Employees that fall under this code will include musicians, bartenders, hostesses, waiters, cooks, dishwashers, restaurant managers, busboys and cooks.

Note that just because a restaurant is under the management of another business does not mean it falls under this category. Code 9058 employees must work in a restaurant that is part of one of the aforementioned business types. Restaurants that are part of other types of businesses will be classified under one of the categories below.

Code 9084 Employees

This code covers employees working in restaurants whose revenue (more than half) comes from the sale of alcohol. It therefore focuses on taverns, night clubs, lounges, discotheques and bars. Entertainers and musicians working in these establishments will also be categorized under this code when it comes to workers’ compensation.

Code 9084 authorizes the employees of these establishments to prepare alcoholic beverages for consumption on the restaurant premises. Patrons would usually be expected to give a tip to staff depending on the quality of service they received.

Code 9083 Employees

Code 9083 is for employees who work in fast food which includes fried chicken restaurants, taco restaurants, hamburger restaurants, concession stands, sandwich shops and pizza parlours. Fast food restaurants are establishments authorized to prepare and serve food for consumption off or on premises.

Their menus are fairly short and are dominated by french fries, burgers, fried chicken sandwiches and soft drinks. Patrons of fast food restaurants are usually not expected to give a tip. Wait service is virtually non-existent since customers are expected to place an order at the counter which is where they will also receive the completed order.

Code 9082 Employees

Code 9082 applies to the conventional restaurant that offers wait service. Customers select their table independently or may be led to one by an employee. The customer describes his/her order to the waiter who then delivers it to the kitchen staff. Once ready, the waiter delivers the food to the customer and remains available to assist throughout the meal.

Patrons will give waiters tips depending on their impression of the quality of service they received. Restaurant employees who do not fit into any other category will usually be assigned Code 9082.

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