Florida Theme Park Work Injuries

Florida Workers Compensation AttorneysFlorida is synonymous with amusement parks, theme parks, and some of the most massive and popular entertainment complexes in the world. In 2015, the Sunshine State welcomed a record 105 million tourists.

Theme parks and amusement parks are a driving force of the Floridian economy, and they provide millions of jobs to hard-working people. Although working at an amusement park or theme park may sound more like fun than work, these jobs are just as demanding as any other occupation. Work is work, and theme park workers are susceptible to many different types of injuries. When they get hurt on the job, they struggle with the same problems and worries as workers in other industries. They wonder how they will pay their medical bills, and whether their job will still be there when they’re well enough to return.

Our lawyers help workers from all industries get the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve. Because Florida is home to so many different theme parks, amusement parks, and attractions, we are well-versed in the issues these workers face. If you have been hurt on the job at an amusement park, we can help.

Injuries Theme Park Workers Face

Amusement parks work hard to maintain a happy, entertaining façade. Making dreams and fantasies come to life requires a large team of employees working behind the scenes. Although theme park workers can sustain many different types of injuries, certain injuries are more common than others.

Slips and falls. Disney and other parks are famous for their sparkling clean streets and walkways. It’s not fairy dust or magic that makes this possible – it’s old-fashioned water and elbow grease. Workers regularly spray down paths and remove garbage throughout the day, which can cause wet, slick surfaces that create slip and fall hazards.

Workers can also get injured by falling from scaffolding and other structures while performing maintenance or doing preventive checks on rides and attractions. They can also sustain serious injuries around pools and lounge areas, where the pavement is often wet or obstructed by outdoor furniture.

Heat injuries. One of the best things about visiting an amusement park is seeing your favorite animated characters “in the flesh” – or the fur or feathers. However, these costumes are both heavy and hot. In the unforgiving Florida sun, workers who wear costumes risk suffering serious heat-related injuries, such as heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

Neck and spinal cord injuries. Heavy costumes and elaborate headdresses can also put strain and stress on a theme park worker’s head, neck, and shoulders. Worn repetitively, heavy headpieces can lead to serious injuries to the neck and spinal cord.

Performance-related injuries. Many theme park and amusement park workers are hired because they are talented actors, musicians, and dancers. They work years to perfect their skills. When they get hurt on the job, a single fracture or sprain can take a significant toll on their livelihood, as well as their ability to pursue a performance-related career.

If you’re an amusement park worker who has been hurt on the job, it’s important to know your rights. Because many theme park workers are hired as seasonal or temporary employees, they don’t always know what to expect after a work-related injury. Our lawyers will explain your rights and walk you through the workers’ compensation claims process.



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