What To Do When You Are Hurt At Workplace

Florida workers compensation lawGetting injured is the last thing anyone needs, especially when you’re hurt on the job. If you have been injured in a work-related accident, you may be wondering what to do next. In Florida, most workers are eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits, which pay your medical bills and cover a portion of your wages while you’re recovering from your injury.

Our lawyers have a reputation for helping hard-working people get the benefits they deserve. Don’t shoulder the burden of a work injury on your own. With us on your side, you will get the peace of mind you need to focus on getting better and reclaiming your health.

When it comes to a work injury, knowing what to do is half the battle. Here are important steps to take when you’re hurt work.

Report Your Injury to Your Employer

Florida workers compensation law requires you to report your injury to your employer within 30 days, however, you should report it as soon as you can. Any delay in notifying your employer could potentially hurt your chances of getting the benefits you need.

You should always report any work injury, even if you don’t think you’re badly injured. Many types of injuries can take a few days to show the full brunt of symptoms. Just as bruises tend to darken over time, injuries don’t always manifest until later. Let your doctor decide how badly you’re injured. This protects your health and your workers’ compensation claim.

See the Right Doctor

When you file a workers’ compensation claim, your employer (or your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company) has the right to select your doctor. If you see a different doctor, such as your usual family doctor, workers’ compensation will not cover your medical treatment. At the same time, your employer must choose a doctor who is qualified to treat your injuries. For example, your employer can’t send you to a cardiologist if your injury requires treatment from an orthopedic surgeon.

Get a Second Opinion If You Need It

Workers’ compensation rules require you to see the doctor your employer chooses, but you also have a right to get a second opinion if you believe the first doctor is not giving you proper treatment. Your employer or the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company also has the right to select the second doctor. Even if the second doctor agrees with your original physician, you get the peace of mind of knowing you are receiving quality medical care.

Follow All Work Restrictions

Your doctor may tell you to avoid doing certain things, such as lifting objects over a certain weight. It is important to follow all work restrictions until your doctor lifts them. If you fail to adhere to these limitations, the insurance company could try to minimize the value of your workers’ compensation claim by saying you reinjured yourself or exacerbated your injuries.

Attend All Doctors’ Appointments

Skipping or canceling doctors’ appointments is a surefire way to jeopardize your workers’ compensation claim. Attend all appointments, including referrals to specialists, and make sure to follow up with your doctor and any specialists your doctor asks you to see. Although attending numerous doctors’ appointments can be difficult for anyone’s schedule, it is important to avoid giving the insurance company any excuse to deny your claim or pay you less than you deserve.



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